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Our Team

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Our team has over 10 years experience in commercial financing where they have had the opportunity to originate every aspect of commercial real estate property types.

Our small, but extremely talented team is the reason Pacific Shore Capital has been called, “The best kept secret in commercial finance.” 

See below who makes that possible.  

Your Trusted Team

Krystle Moore

Fearless Leader - Finance Pro

For the last 15 years, Krystle has specialized in commercial/multifamily financing. At just 19 years old, Krystle founded California Funding where she funded more than $250 million in loans.

In late 2006, she accepted a position at Washington Mutual as a commercial loan consultant in their San Francisco office. After WaMu closed its doors, Krystle saw her real passion was to be an entrepreneur and not be bound to one bank’s financing programs and formed Pacific Shore Capital in 2009.

With the support of her partner, Mitch, and her husband, Kenny, Krystle was able to parlay her experience into other aspects of real estate.

In 2014, a sister company, Pacific Shore Management, was formed.
In less than 4 years, PSM grew to manage over 1,000 units, mostly throughout San Diego. PSM was a full-service property management firm that also assisted owners with growing and maximizing their portfolio through renovations, buying and selling and of course, financing. In late 2017, PSM merged with a Bay Area-based property management/tech company, Mynd Management. She is currently the broker of record for Mynd and sits on their Property Management Council.

Today, Krystle and her team obtain the most competitive financing for real estate investors, big and small, throughout California. Her longstanding lender relationships and experience allow Krystle to be more than just your typical mortgage broker but more of an advisor. From helping clients build their real estate portfolios to repositioning properties, managing renovations and owning her own investment properties, Krystle and her team guide her clients through the loan process and secure the best possible financing solutions available.

Why You Can Depend On Krystle

In 2013, Krystle formed Pacific Shore Capital—a boutique real estate financing firm. Her knowledge of the city and the industry, as well as her deeply cultivated connections in the field, allow her to continue to provide the distinctly customized commercial financing services that she is now known for.

Mitch Pringer

Mister Finance - Prince of Processing

Mitch moved to San Diego in 2000 and attended San Diego State University. After college Mitch had an opportunity to work for California Funding who was owned an operated by Krystle Moore. Mitch worked alongside Krystle during this time funding about $100MM in commercials loans in just a few years. Krystle decided to sell her company and went to work for WAMU in San Francisco in late 2006.

The next year Mitch assisted in funding more than $30 million in new loans each month as a Sales Assistant at Washington Mutual Wholesale Mortgage. After they closed the doors on their wholesale lending division, Mitch and Krystle decided to rejoin forces and that is where Pacific Shore Capital was formed.

Today, Mitch has about 13 years in commercial loan financing, working with some of the best and top real estate investors through out California. Mitch has been a strategic part of closing over $500MM in commercial loans and helping clients obtain the most competitive/attractive financing to help advance their real estate portfolios. During this time Krystle Moore alongside Kenny Simpson (her husband) started Pacific Shore Management. Mitch was also a strategic part of helping that company grow to about 1,000 units in just under 4 years.

Mitch and the team bring so much value to clients because of all the experience he has had with helping clients build portfolios, repositioning properties, rehabbing, managing and bring the best financing that the market has to offer. Mitch and his team have truly done it all in the multifamily space and when you have one conversation with him you will realize the value that Pacific Shore Capital brings to the table.

Why You Can Depend On Mitch

In 2009, Mitch joined Krystle and Kenny at Pacific Shore Capital—a boutique real estate financing firm. His experience in mortgage banking and originating, as well as his deep understanding of the processes, make him a perfect fit for the Pacific Shore Capital team.

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"That was for sure the easiest, quickest loan I've ever done! Looking forward to working with you guys again in the future on another project!"

Paul T.
“Thank you so much for making these loans happen for my father and for me after two years of trying. And thanks for all your patience and assistance during this process. Looking forward to future business.”
I just did a loan with Krystle and her team and am very happy how quick and easy the whole process was. I will for sure use her great services again.

Christina Ayad


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Paul T.
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"That was for sure the easiest, quickest loan I've ever done! Looking forward to working with you guys again in the future on another project!"