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Pacific Shore Capital believes in the value of sharing and promoting businesses that have brought us, as well as our clients, tremendous value. We love sharing our positive experience with other businesses and professionals that have helped us along the way so that they too can help you make your business more efficient and even help increase your cash flow!

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Your Trusted Residential Lender

Kenny Simpson

Mortgage Banker - Guaranteed Rate

Kenny Simpson is an expert mortgage banker at Guaranteed Rate, a nationwide lender recognized as a top 10 National Lender with a 95% customer satisfaction rating. 

He and his team have decades of combined experience. Not only will you receive promptly returned phone calls and emails, but you will have a dedicated team of professionals to help you through every step of this financial process. 

Kenny believes in providing complete transparency to ensure that our borrowers and all parties involved in the loan are aware of what is going on at every stage. 

As a professional advisor, he takes the time to educate borrowers about the loan process and their specific situation in order to provide the best possible housing solution.

To get in touch with Kenny, call him at (619) 302-2020 or email him at


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Property Management


Full Service Property Management

Mynd Property Management is a full-service property management company specializing in residential property management. Krystle Moore previously owned Pacific Shore Management, a San Diego property management company. 

After meeting the CEO of Mynd Management and seeing their vision for the property management space, she sold just under 600 units under her management to Mynd. Not only does Mynd now manage those properties, they manage her own personal properties and she is now the broker of record for the company. 

If you are looking for an innovative, effective property management company that uses technology to deliver maximum efficiency for your properties, Mynd is the company for you. Now you can have peace of mind (no pun intended!) that your properties are compliant and also free your time to continue building your portfolio.

To learn more about Mynd Property Management, please visit their website at


What Our Clients Say

"That was for sure the easiest, quickest loan I've ever done! Looking forward to working with you guys again in the future on another project!"

Paul T.
“Thank you so much for making these loans happen for my father and for me after two years of trying. And thanks for all your patience and assistance during this process. Looking forward to future business.”
I just did a loan with Krystle and her team and am very happy how quick and easy the whole process was. I will for sure use her great services again.

Christina Ayad


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Independent Insurance Agency

Ives Insurance Services

Commercial & Personal Insurance plus a lot more!

Pacific Shore Capital has a longstanding relationship with Ives Insurance Services.

We often act as more of an advisor to our clients, not just a mortgage broker, so part of our analysis includes how to increase your cashflow and insurance is an area where many of our clients can save money without necessarily compromising their coverage.

To learn more about Ives Insurance Services, visit them at


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